Single prices, combined offers and membership

Welcome in our Wellness oasis. Take a little bit of time for yourself. Book a healthy massage by Maria, or simply enjoy the calmness.

Single entry in CHF:
Morning: 18.-- (enter before 12 noon - and stay until  9:30pm)
Afternoon: 26.-- (enter after 12 noon until 4pm - and stay until 9:30pm)
In Winter, from 16:00 to 19:00 the Wellness is only for our Hotel's guests. However,  those who will enter before 4pm or who will have booked a massage combination, will of course be allowed to stay.
After 7pm the entrance for external guests is possible again. 

Morning: 25 min massage + Wellness CHF 60.00/50 min massage + Wellness CHF 100.00
Afternoon: 25 min massage + Wellness CHF 70.00/ 50min massage + Wellness CHF 110.00

10 entry membership
Morning : CHF 150.00
Afternoon: CHF 220.00
50/50 : CHF 190.00 (5x mornings, 5x afternoon)
Payments by cash or Maestro card are allowed.
Opening times: everyday from 08:00 to 21:30 
Children until 3 years old are free; children aged between 4 and 18 are NOT allowed.  

For more informations: 027 967 15 44


You can relax in our 7 x 14 meters swimming pool. The water is 34° warm and has an addition of two percent brine. It has a positive impact on your body. Integrated bubbling stretchers make you feel like floating, several massage jets will relax you. The brine is free of chlor.

Steam bath, Sauna & Kneipp

In a “cave” with real Valser quartzite an aroma steam bath, a Finnish sauna, a Kneipp pool and showers will enhance the wellness experience.


Different massages are available made to your needs. Our professional therapists take care of your well-being.

Deep tissue or Relax Pur:
- 50 minutes    90.00 CHF
- 25 minutes    50.00 CHF

Hot Stone massage:
- 50 minutes    110.00 CHF

Foot Reflex zones:
- 50 minutes 90.- CHF
- 25 minutes 50.- CHF

Head massage:
- 25 mimnutes 50.- CHF

Single prices, combined offers and membership

We offer our clients a lot of space for playing and having fun.

Subscription with 10 entries in the morning:   CHF 150.00
ion with 10 entries in the afternoon: CHF 220.00
ion with 5 entries in the morning
and 5 entries  in the afternoon: 
CHF 190.00

More information on request.

Payment only with cash or with maestro card

Opening hours daily: from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.